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How to modify the subcaption "Figure 1a" to "Figure 1 (a)"?



%\usepackage[subrefformat=parens,labelformat=parens, labelsep=quad]{subfig}

% correct bad hyphenation here

% NOTE: To produce blinded version, replace "0" with "1" below.

% DON'T change margins - should be 1 inch all around.


The Figure~\ref{descriptive1} is composed by Figure~\ref{fig:hist_longair} and Figure~\ref{fig:curve_longair}.

    \subfigure[Histogram]{\includegraphics[width = .42\linewidth]{hist_longair.eps} \label{fig:hist_longair}}%
    \subfigure[Contour curve]{\includegraphics[width = .42\linewidth]{curve_longair.eps}\label{fig:curve_longair}}%
    \caption{Histogram, contour curve and symbolic scatterplot of $\bs{Y}$} 

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    The subfigure package is deprecated. Use subfig or subcaption instead. – Mico Jan 27 '17 at 4:00
  • But this don't resolve the problem. – Wagner Jorge Jan 27 '17 at 4:57

The subfigure package is both deprecated and quite incompatible with the caption package, which is also loaded by your document. I suggest you ditch loading the subfigure package and, instead, load the subcaption package and make use of its machinery. (The subcaption package automatically loads the caption package too.)

A separate advantage of this approach is that it lets you use the cleveref package and its "clever" cross-referencing commands. An application is shown in the example below.

I've interpreted your write-up as wanting some whitespace between the figure label and the subfigure label. This is implemented by having \, (thinspace) in the (re)definition of \thesubfigure. If you would rather have a full interword space, simply replace \, with ~ (non-breaking space). I wouldn't recommend this, though; in fact, if this were my document, I wouldn't provide any space at all.

enter image description here

% I've tried to slim the preamble down to the essentials.
\usepackage[demo]{graphicx} % remove 'demo' option in real document

\usepackage[labelformat=simple]{subcaption} % default is 'labelformat=parens'
\renewcommand\thesubfigure{\,(\alph{subfigure})} % thinspace before subfigure label

\usepackage[noabbrev]{cleveref} % just for this example

Figure~\ref{descriptive1} consists of Figure~\ref{fig:hist_longair} and Figure~\ref{fig:curve_longair}.

\Cref{descriptive1} consists of \Cref{fig:hist_longair,fig:curve_longair}.


\hfill % maximize the spread between the subfigures
\caption{Contour curve}\label{fig:curve_longair}

\caption{Histogram, contour curve and symbolic scatterplot of $\bs{Y}$} 


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