In ShareLaTeX, I have the following folder/file structure:

- DIR1
 * FILE1
 * DIR2
      * FILE2

- DIR3
 * FILE3 (Preamble.tex)
 * DIR4 (Fonts)
     * DIR5
         * FILE5

(DIR1 and DIR3 are in the main DIR)

I need FILE1 and FILE 2 to access FILE3 inside DIR3. FILE3 accesses folders and files in DIR4. In FILE1, I can do \input{../DIR3/FILE3} which will work only if FILE3 has \setmainfont[Path=../DIR3/DIR4/DIR5]{FILE5}

However, if in FILE2 I do \input{../../DIR3/FILE3} I get an error that says FILE5 cannot be found. If I change \setmainfont[Path=../../DIR3/DIR4/DIR5]{FILE5} in FILE3, FILE2 complies fine but now FILE1 does not compile.

I looked at the documentation for relative and absolute file paths but this seems to be a different issue. It seems to be FILE3 assumes the working directory of whatever file calls it, instead of its current directory.

Any suggestions?


ShareLaTeX takes all paths to be from the 'root' directory of the project. It should work if:

  • In FILE1 you write \input{DIR3/FILE3}
  • In FILE2 you write \input{DIR3/FILE3}
  • In FILE3 you write \setmainfont[Path=DIR3/DIR4/DIR5]{FILE5}

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