I am new here as I am desperate with a latex problem.

What I use: Texniccenter, Miktex 2.9., Biber 2.5, Citavi

I have a latex model with a lot of pre settings, i will try to describe and list the relevant ones:

Main tex. includes

\usepackage[style=chem-angew, backend=biber, bibencoding=utf8, sorting=none]{biblatex} % chem-angew

settings in texniccenter are set on using biber.exe as bibtex compiler

When I run the main tex. data the warnings occur:

"citation x undefined o on page y line z"
Please(re)run biber on file 
biblatex:      wissArbeit
biblatex:      and return to Latex afterwards

so far so good, I run biber on wissAbeit by typing in the terminal biber wissArbeit I receive the error message

the program cant be started because the data cygssp-0 is missing on the computer

now I am at the limits of my knowledge...can maybe someone help? I would really appreciate that!


I solved the Problem:

As Schweinebacke said (thank you for that!) i just reinstalled the biber.exe and miktex-biber-bin-x64 files, and refreshed FNBD in the miktex settings...and somehow its working now!

can be closed , thank you

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