I am working on a resume using \documentclass{res} but I'd like it to left-align the name and address while using the \name and \address commands. I have tried using \begin{tabular}... and \begin{ncolumn}{2}... but this causes the name to not show up at all. Is there a way to do this?

My document has the following structure:




%Name and address commands are placed here
\name{John Q. Doe}
\address{Address 1\\1111 Anywhere St\\Anytown, USA 00000\\(555) 555-1111}

% Rest of resume is here and rendering correctly

The example I followed had the following code, which placed one address on either side.

\address{Address 1\\1111 Anywhere St\\Anytown, USA 00000\\(555) 555-1111}
\address{Address 2\\9999 Anywhere St\\Anytown, USA 00000\\(555) 555-9999}

With a minor modification this did what I wanted

\address{Address 1\\1111 Anywhere St\\Anytown, USA 00000\\(555) 555-1111}

Thus I tried the following, but it still only placed the name in the center

\name{John Q. Doe}
\name{John Q. Doe} %Would be changed to \empty if it worked

This doesn't render the name at all

\name{ John Q. Doe} 
1111 Anywhere St       & \empty\\
Anytown, USA 00000     & \empty\\
(555) 555-1111         & \empty
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    It's a good idea to give us a minimum working example that demonstrates your problem. That way we can copy and paste it, then have a tinker. – qubyte Nov 17 '11 at 5:04
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    For professional and more modern-looking CV's, consider using the moderncv package. – Werner Nov 17 '11 at 6:36

The easiest way to achieve this would be to place the name inside a box of width \textwidth and left-align the contents. This is achieved by using \makebox[\textwidth][l]{<name>}:

\name{\makebox[\textwidth][l]{John Q. Doe}}

enter image description here

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