I need to combine some quantum circuit as a node between arrows. Does everybody know how to put a quantum circuit as a point inside xymatrix?

Here is an example of the code

  \ar @{~)} @<3ex> [r]
 \Qcircuit @C=1em @R=.7em {
   & \multimeasureD{1}{\text{Bell}} &\\
   & \ghost{\text{Bell}}
 \ar @2 @<-1ex> @[l]

I'm expecting to get something like this

qcircuit element as a node in xymatrix

but it turns out not working.

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    – Tavrock
    Jan 31 '17 at 17:03

I don't think you can nest \Qcircuit in \xymatrix. You can use a box, though.




  \Qcircuit @C=1em @R=.7em {
    & \multimeasureD{1}{\text{Bell}} &\\
    & \ghost{\text{Bell}}
  A \ar@{~)}@<1ex>[r] &


enter image description here

  • Excellent! just what I need! :) Thanks a lot! Jan 31 '17 at 9:57

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