I've been trying to search for an equation or document editor that is like that of project Lead The Way's (PLTW). It is a simple WYSIWYG equation editor that's built-in to the assignment submission. Note that this is an equation creator and editor that supports LaTeX, not a LaTeX document editor.

View of the PLTW editor with the quadratic formula

It has a few features that I've been trying to find from other programs and websites, but I haven't found all-together in the same one. The main features that I am looking for are:


Pretty obvious, but I'm looking for a WYSIWYG editor.

LaTeX Insertion

Whenever I type a backslash, the PLTW editor will let you type in text in that spot in the form of LaTeX, and when you hit space, it will resolve into its WYSIWYG element (e.g. Typing in "\frac" and hitting space will insert a fraction, or typing "\div" and hitting space will insert a division symbol)

It is also highly important to note that I do not want the entire equation to be processed as LaTeX when converting from LaTeX to WYSIWYG. (I'm looking at you, MathMagic).

Toolbars (Optional)

At the top is a toolbar system with categories of insertable functions, operators, and the such.

Auto-Interpret (Optional)

If I type in something like "sin" or "cos", it will recognize it as a function, and convert it from three variables to the actual "sine" function.

Responds to Text and Spacing

If I manually add spaces into the equation, it will actually make that gap in the render. In addition, a block of text added by using "/text" is treated as text, and not variables.

Regardless of how it handles this, I still need it to respond to text and spacing.

Live Image Preview OR Image Export

This editor HAS to be able to do either. If it can make a live preview, it has to be draggable as an actual image.

Single Equation Editing Available

Regardless if it was meant to create an entire document or not, it needs to at least have the ability to make singular equations.

Available on Windows or Online (or source-compilable)

A program is much more preferred, but I will take what I can get.

Free or Affordable One-Time Payment

I'm not a rich student, but I'll pay if I really have to.

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    Systems that support a limited subset of (La)TeX features are not (La)TeX, meaning that you are unlikely to get help here. Out of interest, you have a very specific list of requirements; what do you need this program for? – Ian Thompson Jan 30 '17 at 23:04
  • I've been using other alternatives (that lack the same features) in order to insert proper equations in my math notes. – An Android User Jan 31 '17 at 3:29
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