I want to colorize a part of text within lstlisting. Here is an example:

\begin{lstlisting}[basicstyle=\linespread{0.8}\footnotesize\ttfamily, language=tcl, escapeinside={<@}{@>}]
  set_param drc.disableLUTOverUtilError 1
} {


      red\_text \\

      set\_property PACKAGE\_PIN V20 [get\_ports {red[0]}]



\textcolor does not allow to use underscore without using \ in front of it. There are tens of underscores that I want use within \textcolor and I don't want to add \ for each underscore. Is there a way to get rid of this?


You probably rather want a delimiter than to escape to LaTeX:


  basicstyle = \linespread{0.8}\footnotesize\ttfamily,
  language   = tcl,
  moredelim  = [is][\color{red}]{<@}{@>}


set_param drc.disableLUTOverUtilError 1
  <@red_text \\
  set_property PACKAGE_PIN V20 [get_ports {red[0]}] @>


enter image description here

  • Maybe something like moredelim = [is][\color{red}]{<RED}{RED>} or moredelim = [is][\color{red}]{<EMPH}{EMPH>} would be a better choice than {<@}{@>} – cgnieder Jan 31 '17 at 11:18

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