Background inspiration and code:

texcount -sum -1 tmp.tex
%here is a front page and a table of contents
%Counted characters: \bashStdout}
This file has \emph{\bashStdout} words.


  • It shall count the characters and not the words.
  • It shall only count the characters in one specific region -- and only count like a Microsoft Word would do it.
  • It shall print the number above the counted region.
  • Have you tried texcount -char -sum -1 tmp.tex? – user31729 Feb 1 '17 at 12:21
  • @ChristianHupfer thx! But how do count characters in just a specific region? It shall not count the toc or the references, nor the front page, nothing but the very running text (+foodnotes). The fooder / header shall not be counted either. – Ralph Gottlieb Feb 1 '17 at 23:55
  • @RalphGottlieb TeXcount will count text, headers, other text (footnotes, captions, ...), etc. separately, and it is possible to set rules for how text in different macros/environments is counted. For a quick test, you can try the web service with Language/word typesset to Letters. Only beware that TeXcount does not count spaces, and by default not punctuation (can be tweaked). – Einar Rødland Feb 3 '17 at 0:47

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