so I am about to finish my thesis using a template the chair provided.

Yes of course I tried searching the net for solutions that fit this problem, but what I found was usually with regard to Up to some point all was working good, but now new acronyms are not being printed into the glossary.

I had the problem once and fixed it somhehow, but don't recall how I did so unfortunately.

The behaviour is like this: *New acronyms are not being transferred into the glossaries *The main document gives me a "package glossaries warning: glossary entry 'hdr' has not been defined on line %blah%.

Yeah that's right, because 'hdr' is nowhere used in the document, so I do not include it in the glossary. If I do add the 'hdr' \newacronym{}, it even shows in the glossaries with an entry on page 48. On this page there is a figure but no hdr \gls{} command.

To me it looks like the system is somehow referencing an older, already compiled version stored somewhere.

How can I get the system to force it to compile new?

I am using sharelatex.com and am quite happy with it due to the lack of needed configuration and ability to work from anywhere.

The main.tex looks like this:

\piivsubject{Master Thesis}
% The title of your work.
\piivtitle{My Thesis}
% Your name.
\piivauthor{The Author}
% Name of your supervisor.
\piivsupervisor{Name of Supervisor}
% The date you submit your thesis. You can substitute the command with any date.

% If you want to use the glossary make sure your 'makeindex' toolchain is working correctly.
% Alternetively, you might want to look into the 'xindy' option of the glossaries package.


% Abstract is optional. If you do not use an abstract, remove it.
% ---------------------------------
% Begin of abstract
% \blindtext creates a paragraph of non-sense text. Replace it with your actual content.
% End of abstract
% ---------------------------------

% ---------------------------------
% Begin of listings
\microtypesetup{protrusion=false} % disables protrusion locally in the document
% If you should not have any figures, tables or acronyms in your paper remove the according list.
% Uncomment the next line if you use listings in your document.
% \lstlistoflistings
\microtypesetup{protrusion=true} % enables protrusion

% End of listings
% ---------------------------------

% ---------------------------------
% Begin of main part



% Include more chapters here.

% End of main part
% ---------------------------------

% ---------------------------------
% Begin of appendix
% Appendix chapters are optional. Use it if you have very long tables or additional figures that
% do not belong to the main text.
% \input{src/appendix}

% Remove this from the final document



% Fix for long URLs in bibliography


% Consult your supervisor about the following declaration of assignment.

% End of appendix
% ---------------------------------


I have no errors and no warnings, just some over- and underfull boxes, but the document looks how I want it to look.

What I find really weird is the reference of 'hdr' to page 48.....

Questions: * can this in any way be connected? * if it would work I could just as easily have the \newacronym{} commands in the main file instead of a separate glossary.tex file. I tried it once but didn't change anything.

Thanks a lot, any input is appreciated!


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    I see you found a solution yourself. That's great, but as the site is a Q&A please post it as an answer rather than an edit to the question.
    – Joseph Wright
    Feb 2, 2017 at 6:52
  • you expect me to re-write that because you edit-deleted it? Naw, sorry. I would have copied and re-posted it, sure. Weird practice to delete valuable information imho
    – James
    Feb 2, 2017 at 8:07
  • I've copied the text into a CW answer: this looses the fact it's your solution. As a Q&A site it's important for future visitors that the questions and answers are separate, hence the request to move the info. (Nothing ever gets deleted in that sense: the revisions are all available and there was nothing to actually re-type.)
    – Joseph Wright
    Feb 2, 2017 at 8:21
  • I suspect the problem is that you have \input{src/glossary} just after \begin{document} instead of before. If you'd used \loadglsentries instead of \input it would've triggered the preamble-only message. Feb 2, 2017 at 8:33
  • @JosephWright this was not meant as being rude or offensive, sry if it came across that way. Thx for the info with the history.
    – James
    Feb 2, 2017 at 16:35

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Answer posted by OP as an edit:

ehe, not long after posting this I fixed it myself.

What I did was the following: moved the glossary.tex file into the images folder and then compiled. This led to an error with no PDF created at all. Then I put back the glossary.tex file into the root of \src and pressed compile again.

To my suprise and joy it worked - working glossary again.

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