I'm using \usepackage{graphicx} and \usepackage{epstopdf} to import .eps figures. Afterwards I would like to get rid off the EPS files since I have the .pdf now. I know that LaTeX does not re-convert the .eps to .pdf file in every run but I would like to remove the .eps files from my ./figure/ folder but still use the pdf file.

I have filename.eps in the figure folder. When I'm running \includegraphics{figures/filename} LaTeX produces filename-eps-converted-to.pdf file.

Now I will remove all *.eps files manually to safe some space (*some of my .eps files takes up to 400mb) and run LaTeX again - And of course the pdf files are not found since I'm calling for filename not filename-eps-converted-to.

Now I'll either have to rename all figures or change to \includegraphics{figures/filename-eps-converted-to}

Is it possible to turn off that extra name?


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Looking at the epstopdf package manual, this behaviour can be controlled by the suffix package option.

using in your premable


should do what you want.

The default is set to -\SourceExt-converted-to


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