so I'm trying to compile a document and while the references are mostly working fine, when I compile the bibliography some of my references are not showing up. Here's an example of a few I'm having this problem with:

  title={Securitization without adverse selection: {T}he case of {CLO}s},
  author={Benmelech, Efraim and Dlugosz, Jennifer and Ivashina, Victoria},
  journal={Journal of Financial Economics},

  title={Moody’s investor service response to the consultative article 
  issued by the Basel Committee on Bank Supervision ``A new capital adequacy 
  author={Cantor, Richard},
  journal={Journal of Banking \& Finance},
  publisher={Wiley Online Library}

I've been trying to find a pattern or something wrong but I haven't been able to, any ideas?

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    welcome to tex.sx. do you have \cite entries for these items in your file? if not, you can add \nocite{*} to force them (and any other non-appearing items) into your bibliography. – barbara beeton Feb 4 '17 at 1:10

Never mind just figured out these were all sources that were cited in the body of the text so I just needed to call \nocite{*}.

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