\node[text width=3cm,rotate=90] at ([shift={(0ex, 0x)}] pic cs:fig1) {{\tiny{First\\Line}}};  

Either setting the width to be small or using \\ will split the text but it has a huge gap between First and Line. Enough to stick my thumb between them. It's as if whatever space would be used with \tiny is being used. I want the gap between the two lines to be almost nil. I could use another node and position it but that seems like overkill.

  • the baseline skip is a property of the paragraph and in your fragment the scope of \tiny has finished before the paragraph ends so you will get tiny text on a normal baseline. Feb 5 '17 at 16:07

It seems that your example works just fine if you change \tiny to the option font=\tiny. That corrects the baselines.

The compiled example

 \tikz \node[text width=3cm,rotate=90,font=\tiny] at (0,0) {{First\\Line}};  

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