I am using an exam package and the following code


but there is an vertical space issue which I could not find a solution for it between the equation and the horizontal line. Please see the picture enter image description here

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    Putting \setlength\answerclearance{1.25ex} in your document's preamble should do the trick. Oct 23, 2019 at 5:38

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You may use \fillin[\raisebox{.5ex}{$P(X\le6)-P(X\le3)$}][3.7in] as in this example:

\question \fillin[\raisebox{.5ex}{$P(X\le6)-P(X\le3)$}][2in] this is the question.

enter image description here

But adding too much of a vertical space can make the answer ugly, so be cautious when adding such a space.

Another (better) option is to use bold math (via \usepackage{bm}):


which outputs this (better) result:

enter image description here

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