The headline in beamer which spans the width of the top or height of the side in most examples I have seen displays the section/subsection/subsubsection labels. Can I produce a header/headline which is a specified portion/percentage of the slide size or length depending if it was placed along a particular edge?

I have in mind placing the headline as a stunted/shortened rectangle along the top, and beside it to have another 'rectangle' to display the frame title with a logo.

{\vskip 0.25pt

  \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.4\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{author in head/foot}%
  \usebeamerfont{author in head/foot}\insertshortauthor
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.6\paperwidth,ht=2.25ex,dp=1ex,center]{title in head/foot}%
    \usebeamerfont{title in head/foot}\insertshorttitle\hspace*{3em}
    \insertframenumber{} / \inserttotalframenumber\hspace*{1ex}

Depends on the theme, but in most standard themes this should be possible.

As you did not provide any code for your headline, I am going to use the headline from the miniframe outer theme in the following:

\defbeamertemplate*{headline}{miniframes theme}
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=1.5pt]{upper separation line head}
  \begin{beamercolorbox}{section in head/foot}
    \begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=1.5pt]{middle separation line head}
      leftskip=.3cm,rightskip=.3cm plus1fil]{subsection in head/foot}
      \usebeamerfont{subsection in head/foot}\insertsubsectionhead
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=1.5pt]{lower separation line head}

To adjust the width, you have to do two things

  1. Specify the width of the bemaercolorboxes width wd={⟨width⟩}
  2. adjusting the width of the navigation element by modifying \insertnavigation{\paperwidth}

So for a headline spanning half the page:


  \begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=1.5pt, wd=.5\paperwidth]{upper separation line head}
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[wd=.5\paperwidth]{section in head/foot}
  \begin{beamercolorbox}[colsep=1.5pt, wd=.5\paperwidth]{lower separation line head}




enter image description here

(The colour theme is only loaded to make things more visible)

  • I am getting an error, ! Undefined control sequence. \beamer@@tmpl@headline ..beamer@theme@subsection \begin {beamercolorbox}[co..., At the moment I am not importing any theme as I would like to make one from scratch. I cannot figure out where this error I am getting is coming from ... – Vass Feb 6 '17 at 17:51
  • @Vass Can you provide a MWE of what you have tried? – samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz Feb 6 '17 at 17:56
  • here is a link to the recent state of the .sty file on github, prior to adding your recommended code, github.com/mantzaris/PegasusBeamer/blob/master/… – Vass Feb 6 '17 at 18:00
  • @samcarter: I would like to nominate you for the TUG Membership 2017 'competition' in order to appreciate your enormous support here on TeX.SE (and because your answers are very often underrated :-() – user31729 Feb 7 '17 at 10:17
  • @ChristianHupfer Please don't worry about the rating of my answers, that is just an intrinsic problem of answering beamer questions. The few occasions I answer different stuff, like siunitx there are many upvotes. – samcarter_is_at_topanswers.xyz Feb 7 '17 at 12:55

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