I'm using the res.cls style file with a .tex file based on res2.tex available here.

I'm trying to get smaller left and right margins to be able to change the font size to 11pt so it scales nicely without creating an unreadable mess. I added these before \begin{document}:

% Modifications to res
\setlength{\voffset}{-0.75cm} % smaller vertical space at the top
\setlength{\sectionskip}{1cm} % bigger vertical space between sections
\setlength{\hoffset}{2cm}     % smaller left margin
\textwidth=6.0in              % increase textwidth to get smaller right margin

The first two \setlength{} are fine. However, the last two lines only affect the actual sections (Education, etc.), not the \address{} part (which is inside \begin{document} but before \begin{resume}).

I would like to get the \address{} part with \name{} aligned with the sections (Education, etc.) on the left (and the right).

I've spent a bunch of time looking at the .cls file trying to understand what's happening and what I should modify, but it leads nowhere. I've also tried the geometry package, but to no avail.

screenshot of my output

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I just realized I could do a "workaround." I simply added \hspace{-1.45cm} before each line of the first \address{} (the one that appears on the left), like this:

\address{\hspace{-1.45cm} FirstLineOfAddress \\ \hspace{-1.45cm} SecondLineOfAddress}

The -1.45cm value is arbitrary but it looks okay. For \name{} at the top, I used half of the value (-0.725cm) since the name is supposed to be centered.

I don't know how I didn't think of this sooner.

  • The question was worth asking, since it reveals a problem often seen by LaTeX users: Some things are hard to customize without work-arounds.
    – user103221
    Commented Feb 6, 2017 at 21:41

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