I am using triangle 60 and Latex arrow styles. I change the scale of the Latex arrow using the following command:

-{Latex[length=5mm, width=2mm]}] 

However, i can't change the triangle 60 arrow size with the same length, width attributes. Is there any other solution for this?

  • Please add a MWE to show us your exact problem (pictures are helpful too, if they are combined with a MWE). – TeXnician Feb 8 '17 at 9:08

You need to use the Triangle arrow tip from the arrows.meta library.

The old arrow tips such as triangle 60 does not allow for the customizations that you can do with the new ones from arrows.meta. The ones from arrows.meta have names that start with capital latters (e.g. Latex), whereas the old ones start with lower case letters (e.g. latex), so they are easily distinguished.

\draw [-{Triangle[length=3mm,width=5mm]}] (0,1) -- (2,1);
\draw [-{Triangle[angle=60:5mm]}] (0,0) -- (2,0);

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