As the question states, I want a tilde over \equiv similar to \simeq and \cong commands. To be more specific, they tilde needs to be closer to the \equiv symbol.

I've tried using stackrel and DeclareMathOperator* but they place it way too high.

I've even tried to place it under empty space over \equiv as math operator as in


yet still no luck.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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A straightforward modification of the code for \cong in fontmath.ltx

  \cong{\mathrel{\mathpalette\@vereq\sim}} % congruence sign

Here is the new \ccong (change the name to your liking):




$A=B\equiv C\cong D\ccong E$


enter image description here


Here, I use a stack.

$A \equiv A \simeq A \cong A \poly A$

enter image description here

EDIT: Here is a version that works for smaller math styles

$A \equiv A \simeq A \cong A \poly A$\par
$\scriptstyle A \equiv A \simeq A \cong A \poly A$\par
$\scriptscriptstyle A \equiv A \simeq A \cong A \poly A$\par

enter image description here


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