In beamer,I used the following code to show the ToC at two pages. One page was not enough because it shows all its subsections. I didn't use 'allowframebreaks' because it breaks at 'random' location rather than appropriately divide sections.


I also show ToC at the beginning of each section with other sections shaded.


Here, I want to show 'all' sections because I hided all subsections so there's enough space.

The problem is that the ToC at the beginning of each section only shows part 1 or part 2. How can I display all sections at each section with the initial ToC divided into two slides?

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I solved it myself:

\AtBeginSection part remain unchanged.

I removed \part{1} and \part{2} in the main text contents and then replaced \tableofcontents[part=1] and \tableofcontents[part=2] by \tableofcontents[section=1-3] and \tableofcontents[section=4-6]


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