How do I adjust the vertical space between the question titles and the text of the questions in the exam-class.


\qformat{\large\textbf{Question \thequestion}\hfill}

    Some text

I've tried adding some \vspace to the end of the argument of \qformat but that doesn't work. I can't figure out what controls the spacing.

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The format provided with the qformat marco is injected in a horizontal box; that's why \vspace is not working.

To add vertical space after the question, one option is to add depth to the box, for instance with:

    \large\textbf{Question \thequestion}
    \vrule depth 1em width 0pt % Large depth to make space

You could patch the macro responsible for issuing \item, adding \\*[<length>] at the end of it, with \mbox{} in order to make LaTeX think that some text actually follows.



\qformat{\textbf{\large Question \thequestion}\hfill}

  {\mbox{}\\*[2ex]}% <---- use the length you prefer



\question \lipsum[2]



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