I use elsarticle template with LyX,

The problem is that I need the corresponding author information at the bottom of the first page.but when i use the label corresponding author ,an eroor generate

can any one tell me how can i do it with lyx please

thank you a lot


For corresponding author mark

Place your cursor after the author name and give appropriate label by selecting:

Insert -> Custom Insets -> CorAuthormark

For corresponding author text

  1. Place your cursor above Address, and select Corresponding author from the drop down menu which is just below File option. It will generate Corresponding author text.

  2. Then right click and select Author Footnote Label and give the same label given for CorAuthormark. And add appropriate text after this.

  • thank a lot ,this is really kind from you ,really thank you Feb 17 '17 at 12:42

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