Using rail I try to generate a syntax diagramm that has to include curly brackets. For everything else, rail works fine for me but whenever i try something like:

    '\textbraceleft' + 'B'

it generatetes the following .rai file:

    \rail@i{1}{ DefiningQuery: '\T1\textbraceleft ' + 'B' }

and this .rao file:

    % This file was generated by 'rail' from 'Thesis.rai'
    \rail@i {1}{ DefiningQuery: '\T1\textbraceleft ' + 'B' }
    \rail@o {1}{
    \rail@term{\T1\textbraceleft }[]

Sadly trying to build my latex document with this .rao file results only in this:


Does anyone has an idea on how I can fix this or how to use curly brackets correctly with rail?

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It works if you define the curly braces as terminal identifiers as described in section 4.2 of the ReadMe:


   lbrace + 'B'

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