I have a glossary with a number of equations in it and I want to print out ONLY the descriptions when \printglossary is called but I'm unable to find how to do this from with within the glossary package User Manual.

My glossaries are in the form:

    type = Equations,
    name = 1,
    description = 
    {$Relative \ atomic \ mass = \frac{(\% isotope1 \cdot \ Ar\_isotope1) \ + \ (\% isotope2 \cdot \ Ar\_isotope2) \ ...}{100}$

I need them to have names as I call them using \gls and \glsdesc in another document.

I then print with:

\printglossary[type=Equations,title=Equations, toctitle=Equations]

Anyone know how to do this printing without the name of the glossary item?

Many thanks.

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