I am typing an algorithm using the following preamble

\algnewcommand{\LeftComment}[1]{\(\triangleright\) #1}%

The whole algorithm has a indentation to the left as shown in the image below. How can I remove this indent?

enter image description here

This is the algorithm code

  \caption{Projected SGD for Model A, Batch Size=1}\label{alg:tellmain}
    \State Given: $\cF, \cFc$. Hyperparameters: $\alpha, \eta, \rS$.
    \For{each fact $f' \in \cF$}
    \State Mark $f'$ as seen.
    \For{$\rS$ steps}
    \State Sample $\fc = (\bar{t}, \bar{r})$ from $\cFc$.
    \State Set $f = f'$ with $p=0.5$,
    \State $\qquad$or sample $f$ from seen facts.
    \State Let $\vvv = \sigma(\ip{\rc}{\tc} - \ip{\r}{\t})$.
    \State \LeftComment{Fix $\e$ and optimize ${J}$}.
    \State {\small $\grad{\r}{\Jr} = {-\t}\vvv, \ \grad{\rc}{\Jr} = {\tc}\vvv$}
  \State {\small$ (\r; \rc) = \proj((\r; \rc) - \eta ((\grad{\r}{\Jr}; \grad{\rc}{\Jr}) + 2\alpha (\r; \rc)))$}
    \State \LeftComment{Fix $\r$ and optimize ${J}$}
    \State {\small$\grad{\t}{\Je} = {-\r}\vvv, \ \grad{\tc}{\Je} = {\rc_1}\vvv$}
    \State {\small $(\t; \tc) = \proj((\t; \tc) - \eta ((\grad{\t}{\Jr}; \grad{\tc}{\Jr}) + 2\alpha (\t; \tc)))$}

I am not sure there is an easy way. Here is a hack:



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