I like to customize beamer presentation so that selected bullet become blue and the rest of bullets green (just an example). Is it possible?

MWE: beamerthemesimple.sty

% Copyright 2015 by Facundo Muñoz
% This file may be distributed and/or modified
% 1. under the LaTeX Project Public License and/or
% 2. under the GNU Public License.




\input xkeyval

    \alt#3{\node[opacity=1] {\includegraphics[#1]{#2}};}
          {\node[opacity=.15] {\includegraphics[#1]{#2}};}

% These define macros \KV@setwatermark@hoffset that take one argument
% which is processed by the last piece of codes into braces
\def\@alpha{} % This one does not work. Why?

% \newcommand{\setwatermark}[1]{\def\@watermark{#1}}
\setwatermark{}   % Empty initialization


  % http://www.colorcombos.com/color-scheme-275.html
  \definecolor{destacado}{HTML}{515151} % gris oscuro
  \definecolor{normal}{HTML}{797979}  % gris medio
  \definecolor{fondo}{HTML}{e6e6e6}  % gris claro

  \setbeamercolor{normal text}{bg=white,fg=normal}
  \setbeamercolor*{block title}{bg=fondo,fg=destacado}
  \setbeamercolor*{block body}{bg=fondo,fg=normal}
  \setbeamercolor{alerted text}{fg=black}

%  \usecolortheme[named=gris]{structure}

  % overlays semitransparentes

  % incluir el contador de diapos
  \setbeamertemplate{footline}[frame number]

  % eliminar íconos de nav.
  \setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

  % bloques

  % especificación global para listas
  %\beamerdefaultoverlayspecification{<+-| alert@+>}

  % márgenes
  \setbeamersize{text margin left=0.4cm,text margin right=0.4cm}

    \vfill \hfill 
      %\node[opacity=\@alpha]  % not working. why?







\title{A simple beamer theme}
\author{Facundo Mu\~noz}



  \framesubtitle{A beamer theme}

  \texttt{simple} is a minimalist Beamer theme that features

        \item a \alert{watermark} logo in the background
        \item slide \alert{numbers}
        \item \emph{emph}asized and \alert{alert}ed text

      \begin{block}{And of course...}
         blocks, columns, and all Beamer power


enter image description here


Changing the colour of the current mini frame is easy, just use

\setbeamercolor{mini frame}{fg=red}

To change the colour of the other miniframes independently is more tricky. Normally they use a mixture of the colour from the current mini frame with the background, i.e. \color{fg!#1!bg}. To change this colour, replace the fg with the colour of your choice:



\setbeamercolor{mini frame}{fg=red}

\setbeamertemplate{mini frame in other section}{\color{blue!50!bg}\usebeamertemplate{mini frame in current section}}
\setbeamertemplate{mini frame in other subsection}{\color{blue!50!bg}\usebeamertemplate{mini frame in current subsection}}


  \framesubtitle{A beamer theme}

  \framesubtitle{A beamer theme}

enter image description here

  • Can you explain about the difference between your solution and using of option bg=green?
    – Woeitg
    Feb 19 '17 at 13:00
  • 1
    @Woeitg Yes. Normally the colour of the not highlited miniframes is a mixture between the bg and fg color \color{fg!#1!bg}, if you use blue and yellow, you would get green instead of the blue you want. Feb 19 '17 at 13:02

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