somehow i don't get the citation right. I viewed the internet for solutions but somehow can't get it right. Here is my latex file with used packages.

  \documentclass[english,12pt,oneside, a4paper]{article}
    \usepackage{graphicx}   % need for figures
\usepackage{verbatim}   % useful for program listings
\usepackage{color}      % use if color is used in text
\usepackage{subfigure}  % use for side-by-side figures
\usepackage{hyperref}   % use for hypertext links, including those to external documents and URLs



And now my bibtex file

author = {Cheryl Pellerino},
title = {Three Teams Earn Prizes in DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge},
year = {2016},
url = {https://www.defense.gov/News/Article/Article/906931/three-teams-earn-prizes-in-darpa-cyber-grand-challenge}

What am i missing?


The bibstyle agsm doesn't know the entry type online, which is already reported by the bibtex run:

This is BibTeX, Version 0.99d (TeX Live 2016)
The top-level auxiliary file: zzz2.aux
The style file: agsm.bst
Database file #1: auction.bib
Warning--entry type for "darpa16" isn't style-file defined
--line 1 of file auction.bib
(There was 1 warning)

Instead of natbib and bibtex use the new biblatex with biber:




enter image description here

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