Using ShareLaTex, when I enter the line: . . . range of \textquoteleft interpretive tendencies\textquoteright or adjacent . . . The result that comes back is:

. . . range of 'interpretive tendencies'or adjacent . . .

where I need to have it display:

. . . tendencies' or adjacent . . .

with space between ' and "or". Should I be using a different command here or am I doing something wrong?

  • Isn't it easier typing range of `interpretive tendencies' or adjacent? – egreg Feb 21 '17 at 9:02
  • yes . . . I did some more research and saw that using the grav mark ` along with a right single quote ' produced the result I wanted. I think the \textquoteleft and \textquoteright commands must be left over from earlier versions of the software but are no longer properly supported and thus not properly working. Thanks! – Marcus A. Feb 22 '17 at 7:30

By default, LaTeX gobbles all spaces after any command. So, you can have three solutions here:

  1. Add a forced space after the right quote by using \ after \textquoteright followed by a space.
  2. Simply use ' instead of \textquoteright.
  3. Use the \xspace command from xspace package to get intelligent spaces.

See the solutions below:




\textquoteleft interpretive tendencies\textquoteright\ or adjacent 

`interpretive tendencies' or adjacent 

\textquoteleft interpretive tendencies\textquoteright\xspace or adjacent 

  • #1 came in handy for another similar situation – thanks much! I will keep the other points in mind . . . – Marcus A. Feb 27 '17 at 11:20

Use the csquotes package for a semantic, configurable and language aware quoting command:



range of \enquote*{interpretive tendencies} or adjacent


enter image description here

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