I'm now using XeLaTeX and fontspec(also uses xeCJK). I use


to set my default English font, and

\setCJKmainfont{cwTeX Q Ming}

to set my default Chinese font.

However, if I want to use the commands, such like \DeclareSymbolFont {<sym-font-name>} {<encoding>} {<family>} {<series>} {<shape>}, and assign the current font family I'm using. What name of the family should I fill into? (Also, what's the proper font-encoding? OT1?) I'd looked up the fontspec document, but didn't find the solution.


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The internal font family name is not usable, it contains a number which can change. But you can give your font a family name (if your fontspec is not too old). The encoding with a current fontspec/LaTeX is TU, in older versions EU1.


blblb \fontfamily{Georgia}\fontencoding{TU}\selectfont blblb

  • Got it!! The key is NFSSFamily!!! Thanks!
    – Eric
    Feb 21, 2017 at 13:28

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