Is it possible to add "as quoted by" in the \parencite command?

I have a body of text as a quotation by author 1 and in it there is another quotation by author 2.

I tried \parencite[as quoted by author1][200]{author2}. But I don't get the right output, namely author2 as quoted by author 1.

I guess the only solution is the use the \cite command?

(\cite[][200]{author2} as quoted by \citeauthor{author1})

  • Do you use biblatex? Please advise. – Mico Feb 23 '17 at 10:13
  • Nested citations are not allowed in BibLaTeX. You may want to have a look here and here for possible solutions. – Manuel Weinkauf Feb 23 '17 at 10:47

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