I have followed the directions on this page regarding how to make a script-r using the calligra font package. I'm decently pleased with how the script-r looks, but the kerning with radicals leaves a little to be desired, in my opinion.


As you can see, the squared radical is positioned a bit far left of where I might expect it to be as compared to the regular "r." I would think that shifting it right by a \, might do it, but being able to play with the spacing would be good.

How can I move the spacing of radicals for this \sr definition? MWE below.



% Declares the font 
\DeclareMathAlphabet{\mathcalligra}{T1}{calligra}{m}{n} \DeclareFontShape{T1}{calligra}{m}{n}{<->s*[2.2]callig15}{}
% Makes '\sr' make a script r 


    \mathrm{R}^2 = r^2 + \sr^2 - 2r \sr \cos\omega


Reserving a math group for a single letter is a waste; you can do it more simply with the bonus that you can also add spacing around it.



%\DeclareMathSizes{12}{12}{6}{6} % Are you sure? I wouldn't be. ;-)




R^2 = r^2 + \sr^2 - 2r \sr \cos\omega


enter image description here

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  • Grazie. Appreciate the help. – grfrazee Feb 24 '17 at 9:39

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