I am trying to plot the picture below in latex and I am not good with graphs.enter image description here


Here a try, but i'm also no expert. Trying is learning. It would be better to detect the intersection, but I don't know how...

enter image description here

%Ref: http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/228605/124842
    \def\firstellipse{(-5,0) ellipse (8 and 4.5)}
    \def\secondellipse{(-6,-1) ellipse (3 and 2.5)}
    \def\thirdellipse{(-4,-0.5) ellipse (3 and 2.5)}

    % colour ellipses
    \fill[white] \firstellipse ;
    \fill[white] \secondellipse;
    \fill[gray] \thirdellipse;

    \draw[gray] \thirdellipse;

    % colour intersection
        \clip \secondellipse;
        \fill[white] \thirdellipse \firstellipse;

   \draw \firstellipse \secondellipse;
   \draw[gray,dashed]  \thirdellipse;

   \node[draw, fill=white] at (-11.5, 2.8)   (b) {$SS_{TOT}$};
   \node at (-6.5, -1.5)   (b) {$SSR(X_2,X_3)$};

   \draw[black,solid,line width=1mm,fill=black,preaction={-triangle 90,thin,draw,shorten >=-1mm}] (1.5, 3.5) node[above]{$SSR(X_2,X_3)$} -- (-2,1) node[above, scale = 2.3] {};


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