There is a black beam above and below the video. Is there any idea, how i can cover it? And i would like to open the presentation with PDF Presenter Console instead of Okular. But with PDF Presenter the videos do not work.

\begin{frame}{\scshape Movment of particle}
      This is a text, that explains the videos.
      \movie[height = 4cm, width = 4cm, poster,loop, autostart]
     \movie[height = 4cm, width = 4cm, poster,loop,autostart]

enter image description here Thanks a lot

  • Can you show a screenshot of this "black beam"? – user36296 Feb 27 '17 at 13:56

Seems like your video has a different aspect ratio then the one you are giving it. Try to adjust the values height = 4cm and width = 4cm to match the real proportion of your video. Maybe something like height = 3cm and width = 4cm (just a guess)

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