This is in my tex file:


And this in my bib file

title={Interest-oriented versus relationship-oriented social network sites      in China},
author={Zhang, Weiyu and Wang, Rong},
journal={First Monday},

But what it gets printed is this:

(4) Zhang, W.; Wang, R.First Monday2010,15.

Im using achemso package:


\usepackage[version=3]{mhchem} % Formula subscripts using \ce{}


To benefit from the features offered by achemso, loading it in the preamble is only one thing. If you want to apply this as a style of your bibliography, the body of your *.tex has to include the lines


Your example however calls one the built-in standard styles, hence the output misses items and does not follow the style, either. (If you change from an earlier citation style to a new one, it is better to remove the old intermediate files [like *.bbl] generated during the compilation first.)

If preparing a publication (prior to submission), especially while sharing drafts with contributors, I find it helpful to have at least the first of the two following extras enabled, hence suggest to use a preamble stating

\usepackage[articletitle=true, doi=true]{achemso}

Depending on the journal's policy, these are adapted / removed prior to submission.

As a final hint, for a submission to ACS, stay with BibTeX; their system is not yet able to handle e-TeX, hence BibLaTeX is not understood. (Not a problem with Zotero's extensions like BetterBibTeX as one example of literature management software, for example.)











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