I am quite new to Lyx but I have a problem whose solution is impossible to find for me.

I have a table that is larger than the text column width but smaller that the entire page. I would like to center it so that is goes a bit on the page margin, but staying centered. I can't find a way, it always stays aligned with the left limit of the text, as in the following image. enter image description here

I know I can resize the columns but I prefer not to shrink them any more.

Thanks in advance


As Werner mentions in a comment, there are several questions on how to do this with LaTeX code. Typically you would need to resort to TeX code insets, known as ERTs, to do the same in LyX. For example to use the \makebox trick, place the cursor right before the table, and use Ctrl + L (Insert --> TeX code) to add a TeX code inset.

Note: the ERT has to be inside the float.

In this ERT, write


Then move the cursor to immediately after the table, and make a new ERT which contains only


Screenshot of how it may look in LyX, with output below:

enter image description here

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