This is what I am using:

    % natbib=true,

  % always last first










In the text it looks alright when I use cite, i.e. it looks like '...Author (Year) says...' or '...Author et al. (Year) say...'

However, now I want to cite within brackets in the following style: '...(Author et al., 1985)...' Can I somehow accomplish this?

When I use cite, it would look like '...(Author et al. (1985))...' and when I use \parencite it looks like (Author et al., [1985]) - so the squared brackets are not intended here.

edit: please close. Follow up thread here: How to cite in chicago style with biblatex

Indeed I made a new account, which was stupid. I thought I could not use my other tex account here somehow/I could not post at the beginning. Sorry.

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    Welcome to TeX.SX! Please give the code of a complete document, including \begin{document}, \cite{...}, \parencite{...} and \end{document}. When I complete your document in the obvious way, I obtain author year (without parentheses) for \cite and (author year) (with round parentheses) for \parencite. So you must be doing something differently. Or you use some old version of the style files. My version, quite recent, is biblatex 2016/12/05 v3.7. – gernot Mar 1 '17 at 20:24
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