How can I draw these in circuitikz. Where can I find manual. Thanks for help enter image description here

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    What about this? Please add what you've got so far.
    – TeXnician
    Mar 4, 2017 at 21:03

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Here is a starting point. For details see the circuitikz manual. Note the use of polar coordinates, (angle:distance), for this rotation-symmetric figure.

enter image description here

  \newcommand\R{3} % radius and side length of hexagon
  \foreach \a in {0,60,...,300}
     \draw (0,0) to[R,*-*] (\a:\R);
  \foreach \a in {0,120,180,300}
     \draw (\a:\R) to[R] (\a+60:\R);
  \draw (120:\R) to[voltmeter] (60:\R);
  \draw (240:\R) to[ammeter] (300:\R);
  \draw (0:\R) node[right] {B};
  \draw (180:\R) node[left] {A};

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