I am using the listing package to display my source code as follows:


By using xleftmargin=-1.cm, I am able to slightly push the code listing to the left into the margin. The resulting layout is shown below:

enter image description here

As you can see the caption is not correctly aligned with the code listing. I would like to push the listing's caption to the left in a similar way so that both code listing and captions are aligned and cover the same page length.

Edit As requested, here is the MWE:

\usepackage{color} \usepackage[font=small,format=plain,labelfont=bf,sl,textfont=normal,justification=justified,singlelinecheck=false]{caption}    


\definecolor{javared}{rgb}{0.6,0,0} % for strings
\definecolor{javagreen}{rgb}{0.25,0.5,0.35} % comments
\definecolor{javapurple}{rgb}{0.5,0,0.35} % keywords
\definecolor{javadocblue}{rgb}{0.25,0.35,0.75} % javadoc



#include <iostream>
#include <random>
#include <time.h>
int main(){
time_t seed = time(nullptr);
std::mt19937 randomEngine(seed);
std::uniform_int_distribution<int> dist(1,6);
for(int i=0; i < 10; i++){
std::cout << dist(randomEngine) << std::endl;


Edit 2: Only code listings should be impacted by this formatting. Other captions should be displayed with their default style defined in the document

  • Please post a compilable code starting with \begin{document} and ending with \end{document}, not just code snippets. – Troy Mar 5 '17 at 2:03
  • Can you please make your code compilable? Including a documentclass and the necessary packages? – user36296 Mar 5 '17 at 12:36
  • Sorry about that. Edited the MWE to be compilable and made sure to test before submitting. – BigONotation Mar 5 '17 at 12:56

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