I want to use the labbook document class, but it seems not to work with LuaLaTeX compiler, with some UTF-8 error (hereafter). Is there any possibility to make it work ?

String contains an invalid utf-8 sequence. \def\fk@@getatdashsep@list#1

The file is unfortunately written in latin-1, however only a few lines are affected, if I load labbook.cls into my editor and save a copy of it in UTf8 it loads into luatex with no errors and the following lines have changed

< %% Copyright (C) 2002 Frank Küster.
> %% Copyright (C) 2002 Frank Küster.
< \def\fk@@getatdashsep@list#1§{%
> \def\fk@@getatdashsep@list#1§{%
<     \protected@edef\fk@exp@indexlist{#1§\fk@exp@indexlist}
>     \protected@edef\fk@exp@indexlist{#1§\fk@exp@indexlist}
<     \protected@edef\fk@subexp@indexlist{#1§\fk@subexp@indexlist}
>     \protected@edef\fk@subexp@indexlist{#1§\fk@subexp@indexlist}
<       \expandafter\fk@useindexlist\fk@subexp@indexlist\relax§%
>       \expandafter\fk@useindexlist\fk@subexp@indexlist\relax§%
<   \expandafter\fk@useindexlist\fk@exp@indexlist\relax§%
>   \expandafter\fk@useindexlist\fk@exp@indexlist\relax§%
<           \expandafter\fk@useindexlist\fk@exp@indexlist\relax§%
>           \expandafter\fk@useindexlist\fk@exp@indexlist\relax§%

You should probably report that to the class author, but any editor should be able to save the file in UTF-8.

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  • note in the display above the lines with the accented A are the UTF-8 ones (the display is confused as the diff is a mixed latin-1/utf-8 file) – David Carlisle Mar 6 '17 at 20:24
  • Thank you for your answer @DavidCarlisle ! So you suggest to keep the version UTF-8 saved with those "§" ? – Mammouth Mar 6 '17 at 21:08
  • the@Mammouth they only look like § if you view a utf8 file in a system set up for latin1 for example look at this section mark [ § ] if you select latin 1 (might be called western or other names) in your browsers view/encoding menu. – David Carlisle Mar 6 '17 at 21:24
  • Thanks again ! A local copy of labbook.cls was messing up with my changes, works like a charm. I cannot report that issue to the author though : no email address displayed. – Mammouth Mar 6 '17 at 21:39

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