I have a text with several figures, and I want to change their size in order to see the effect (position, for example) in the text. To define its size, I am using the scale parameter in the \includegraphics. As I have a lot of figures I would no like to change each one in each test.

So I was wondering if there is a way to set a variable, for example figureSize = 0.8, and use it as a parameter to scale in the \includegraphics. This way, I could only change the value in the variable and all the figures would have its size changed.

Or, is there a way better than that to do so?


You can define your variable via:


and use it via:


Here is an example:


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Some of the key-values used in \includegraphics can be set using globally


However, for scale (because it's special...) you can do the following:


The above code redifines \includegraphics to always the option scale=.2 to all images, so you don't have to worry about including it. Of course, you can add other defaults too.

Note that since scale is handled differently to some other key-values, multiple uses of scales (as in \includegraphics[.., scale=X, .., scale=Y, ..]{..}) is actually compounded. That is, scale=.2, scale=.5 is similar to scale=.1.

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