I spend quite a while now moving my folders containing my .sty files. They are of the kind nicepackage/nicepackage.sty , as specified in the latex wikibook

My operating system is windows 7, and I want to use Miktex 2.9

I did try the following folder structures, from this answer and this one :

  • C:\LocalTeXMF\tex\latex\TUD\nicepackage

  • C:\Users\Chef\AppData\Local\MiKTeX\2.9\tex\latex\TUD\nicepackage

  • C:\Users\stefan\texmf\tex\latex\nicepackage

In all my trials, I created myself the folders named "texmf", "tex", "latex" and "TUD".

For all these configurations, I tried to define as a root for package installation in "MikTex package manager" and "MikTex settings" the folders

  • tex

  • latex

  • texmf

  • TUD

  • the corresponding parent folder

Each time, I get an error message like "Not a TDS compliant root directory"

I cannot install the packages "on the fly" for security reasons (workplace computer).

I would like an answer giving a mathematically accurate description of a local package repository (ideally using the notations for regular languages), and which package should be declared as the local package repository.

Also, if I should use any folder created during the installation of MikTex, please mention it.

A link to a guide which contains this information would also be interesting.

This would enable anyone who thinks like me to either solve this problem or determine that it comes from something else.

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