I have this fragment of matapost code which draw a smooth curve through points using .. operation


z0 = (0,0);
z1 = (60,40);
z2 = (40,90);
z3 = (10,70);
z4 = (30,50);
path p;
p = z0..z1..z2..z3..z4..cycle;
draw p; 


Which produce a nice closed smooth line ( compiled with pdflatex --shell-escape )

enter image description here

I would like to draw the above picture with tikz, and I do not want to use ..controls operation. I want the simplest way to draw a smooth closed line such as the picture.


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You can use the hobby package (or TikZ library):

\begin{tikzpicture}[use Hobby shortcut]
  (0,0) coordinate (z0)
  (60,40) coordinate (z1)
  (40,90) coordinate (z2)
  (10,70) coordinate (z3)
  (30,50) coordinate (z4);
  \draw[closed] (z0) .. (z1) .. (z2) .. (z3) .. (z4);

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