I would like to draw this RNN encoder-decoder model, with tikz found here:


This is a nice diagram, but unfortunately I'm not sure how to start designing it. Could someone help me get started? Thank you in advance.

enter image description here

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    (i) determine node styles (shapes rectangle, rectangle split, circle) (ii) determine their position (with loop, chains, ...) (iii) connect nodes with arrows (solid, dashed) :). For start see similar TikZ examples, for examples in texample.net or here on the site. – Zarko Mar 9 '17 at 8:57
  • Did you notice that there is some TikZ code in that repository? Edit: not for that diagram, but at least for some colored, divided boxes, and arrows, which is a large part of that diagram. – Torbjørn T. Mar 9 '17 at 9:44

Here's a not-quite-complete replication of the diagram you posted, inspired by the code in the seq2seq-talk repository:seq2seq diagram

  hid/.style 2 args={
    rectangle split,
    rectangle split horizontal,
    rectangle split parts=#1,
    outer sep=1mm}]
  % draw input nodes
  \foreach \i [count=\step from 1] in {the,blue,house,{{$<$eos$>$}}}
    \node (i\step) at (2*\step, -2) {\i};
  % draw output nodes
  \foreach \t [count=\step from 4] in {la,casa,azul,{{$<$eos$>$}}} {
    \node[align=center] (o\step) at (2*\step, +2.75) {\t};
  % draw embedding and hidden layers for text input
  \foreach \step in {1,...,3} {
    \node[hid={3}{red}] (h\step) at (2*\step, 0) {};
    \node[hid={3}{red}] (e\step) at (2*\step, -1) {};    
    \draw[->] (i\step.north) -> (e\step.south);
    \draw[->] (e\step.north) -> (h\step.south);
  % draw embedding and hidden layers for label input
  \foreach \step in {4,...,7} {
    \node[hid={3}{yellow}] (s\step) at (2*\step, 1.25) {};
    \node[hid={3}{blue}] (h\step) at (2*\step, 0) {};
    \node[hid={3}{blue}] (e\step) at (2*\step, -1) {};    
    \draw[->] (e\step.north) -> (h\step.south);
    \draw[->] (h\step.north) -> (s\step.south);
    \draw[->] (s\step.north) -> (o\step.south);
  % edge case: draw edge for special input token
  \draw[->] (i4.north) -> (e4.south);
  % draw recurrent links
  \foreach \step in {1,...,6} {
    \draw[->] (h\step.east) -> (h\next.west);
  % draw predicted-labels-as-inputs links
  \foreach \step in {4,...,6} {
    \path (o\step.north) edge[->,out=45,in=225] (e\next.south);

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