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I'm currently creating a short document with a number of projects that are being offered by my school. However, each project has roughly 2-3 citations and are unique to each project.

More to the point, at the end of each project I would like to include a small reference section, is this possible?

Luckily the references will all be from the same .bib file but I'm still not sure where to begin.

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    Take a look at biblatex documentation, §3.7.4, Bibliography sections. – Bernard Mar 9 '17 at 10:16

If you use biblatex, you can use the refsection environment to specify a section of the text which has its own independent bibliography, like this:

\begin{refsection} % first project
% some text with citations
\printbibliography % references for the first project

\begin{refsection} % second project
% another text with citations
\printbibliography % references for the second project

For more details, see the biblatex documentation, section 3.7.4 ("Bibliography Sections").

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