Consider this MWE:

  % parskip=half,  % 1em; overfull \hbox \hbox (10.45003pt)
  % parskip=half*, % .25\linewidth; Overfull \hbox (104.06389pt too wide)
  parskip=half+,   % 0.33333\linewidth; Overfull \hbox (138.90363pt too wide)
  % parskip=half-, % No overfull \hbox
  % parskip=false, % No overfull \hbox (default)
% \usepackage{luatodonotes}
% \usepackage{lua-visual-debug} % show boxes


If you compile this, you will get an overfull \hbox which apparently is an incorrect overfull \hbox warning which is only be triggered because the inline todonotes take the full linewidth and then \parfillskip is added. The package luatodonotes has the same issue.

How can one fix this? (probably the package itself should be fixed)

Package versions affected (last update 27.01.2019):

  • todonotes:
    • 2015/07/09 v1.0.4
    • 2019/01/24 v1.1.2
  • luatodonotes
    • 2015/12/03 v0.3
    • 2017/09/30 v0.4

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  • Send a bug report to the authors of todonotes and luatodonotes. – Schweinebacke Mar 10 '17 at 11:32
  • Nope. I contacted the author in March 2017 via Email but never got an answer. Sorry. – Hotschke Sep 25 '17 at 9:11

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