How can I get cleverref to produce the following:

Inserting Equation (1) into (2) yields ...

i.e., I don't want the word "Equation" to pop up before (2), which i have when simply using

Inserting \Cref{eq:1} into \Cref{eq:2} yields ...

Use \labelcref for the second cross-reference. Or, assuming the amsmath package is loaded as well, just write \eqref to generate the second cross-reference.

A full MWE:

\begin{equation}\label{eq:1} a \end{equation} % generate two dummy equations
\begin{equation}\label{eq:2} b \end{equation}

Inserting \Cref{eq:1} into \labelcref{eq:2} yields \dots

Inserting \Cref{eq:1} into \eqref{eq:2} yields \dots

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