How to download the scrlayer-scrpage.sty? I don't find it anywhere.

I've tried to download on CTAN website but it doesn't give the .sty file. When I try to compile I get this error:

\aclabelfont undefined. \renewcommand*{\aclabelfont}
File `scrlayer-scrpage.sty' not found. \clearscrheadings
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    Use the package maintenance function of your distribution like MiKTeX or TeX Live. Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 0:45
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    It's a component of koma-script and is part of standard distributions.
    – Bernard
    Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 0:45
  • When you try to compile what? Commented Apr 12, 2017 at 15:30

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The error message about undefined \aclabelfont is independent from package scrlayer-scrpage. I do not known, which package needs it but redefines it instead of defining it (acronym, e.g., would need but also define it). Maybe you are using a not well defined template.

Nevertheless, as you can see from the CTAN Catalogue entry of scrlayer-scrpage the package is part of the KOMA-Script bundle. You should not try to download and install scrlayer-scrpage.sty without a complete KOMA-Script installation, because the package depends on other parts of KOMA-Script, e.g., package scrkbase, scrbase, scrlayer.

The link above also documents that MiKTeX and TeX Live knows KOMA-Script as package koma-script. So you can and should simply use the package manager of your TeX distribution to install it. Experienced users can also use KOMA's package repositories to install a current pre-release of KOMA-Script or to download a TDS-archive. The TDS-archive of the current official release is also available from CTAN.


It is in package koma-script. If you do cannot obtain koma-script via your TeX package manager, you can download it from CTAN.

EDIT: The first comment underneath here actually has the correct answer. CTAN has the koma-script.tds.zip archive, which has what you need. Oddly, the *.sty file was not in what I downloaded earlier (supposedly the whole bundle).

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    scrlayer-scrpage depends on other KOMA-Script packages. And you need more than only one .dtx to create scrlayer-scrpage.sty. So installation from the .dtx is not recommended for average users. Recommended is the installation via the package manager of the TeX distribution. As alternative use the TDS-package either from CTAN or from KOMA's package repositories. But this alternative is for experienced users only. Commented Mar 13, 2017 at 6:49

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