I am using the \includegraphics feature of LaTeX to insert an image in my document but it is so big that it only shows a part of it. What do I need to do?

I know it is not due to the scale as I have scaled to a tenth using [scale=..] but it has not changed.

I tried to save it as pdf and changed rasterizing and margin numbers but it has not worked. But I maybe doing it wrong.


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Please provide a minimal working example when you ask questions. In this case, though, you can just use one of the options provided by graphicx for resizing images.

For example,


if it is too wide or


if it is too high or


if you aren't sure which.


The 2 lines just does the wonder of including the image just into the article size.!

\includegraphics[max size={\textwidth}{\textheight}]{<image>}

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