I have a strange problem. I am submitting a manuscript but only 20 citations are permitted in the main paper. Any additional citations need to occur in the supplementary materials.

It seems that amsrefs might be suitable as a solution. I would run BibTeX as per normal and then coble the two reference lists together separately using the amsrefs package like this:



\title{Brief Article}
\author{The Author}


A little story about citations \cite{ab, bgv} that need to be in supplementary materials even though they are cited in the main text \cite{botttu,bourbakilie}.



      author={Atiyah, Michael~F.},
      author={Bott, Raoul},
       title={The moment map and equivariant cohomology},
       pages={1\ndash 28},

      author={Berline, Nicole},
      author={Getzler, Ezra},
      author={Vergne, Mich{\`e}le},
       title={Heat Kernels and {D}irac Operators},
      series={Grundlehren Text Editions},
        note={Corrected reprint of the 1992 original},
      review={\MR{2273508 (2007m:58033)}},


\section{More References}


      author={Bott, Raoul},
      author={Tu, Loring~W.},
       title={Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology},

      author={Bourbaki, N.},
       title={Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, Chapters 4--6},



Now, my question: can I instruct LaTeX to represent the references from the second list as [S??] as list them as [S??] in the reference list?

I have tried using


at the start of the 2nd reference list without any success.

  • Hello, in the mean time I have found that editing \begin{biblist} for the second set of references like so: \begin{biblist}*{prefix={S}} solves the [S??] issue. I now wonder if it is possible to have author-year (as per natbib \citet{}) in the same document as numerical listings (as per natbib \citep{}). In the above minimal example I have tried \ocite, \ycite and \citeauthor but haven't got it to work. Thanks – Tyrone Mar 15 '17 at 13:35

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