I have a strange problem. I am submitting a manuscript but only 20 citations are permitted in the main paper. Any additional citations need to occur in the supplementary materials.

It seems that amsrefs might be suitable as a solution. I would run BibTeX as per normal and then coble the two reference lists together separately using the amsrefs package like this:



\title{Brief Article}
\author{The Author}


A little story about citations \cite{ab, bgv} that need to be in supplementary materials even though they are cited in the main text \cite{botttu,bourbakilie}.



      author={Atiyah, Michael~F.},
      author={Bott, Raoul},
       title={The moment map and equivariant cohomology},
       pages={1\ndash 28},

      author={Berline, Nicole},
      author={Getzler, Ezra},
      author={Vergne, Mich{\`e}le},
       title={Heat Kernels and {D}irac Operators},
      series={Grundlehren Text Editions},
        note={Corrected reprint of the 1992 original},
      review={\MR{2273508 (2007m:58033)}},


\section{More References}


      author={Bott, Raoul},
      author={Tu, Loring~W.},
       title={Differential Forms in Algebraic Topology},

      author={Bourbaki, N.},
       title={Lie Groups and Lie Algebras, Chapters 4--6},



Now, my question: can I instruct LaTeX to represent the references from the second list as [S??] as list them as [S??] in the reference list?

I have tried using


at the start of the 2nd reference list without any success.

  • Hello, in the mean time I have found that editing \begin{biblist} for the second set of references like so: \begin{biblist}*{prefix={S}} solves the [S??] issue. I now wonder if it is possible to have author-year (as per natbib \citet{}) in the same document as numerical listings (as per natbib \citep{}). In the above minimal example I have tried \ocite, \ycite and \citeauthor but haven't got it to work. Thanks
    – Tyrone
    Commented Mar 15, 2017 at 13:35

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For your supplementary bibliography, use




From Section 3 The biblist and biblist* environments of the package documentation:

The biblist environment also takes a second optional argument that can be used to modify the current bibliography. This argument consists of an asterisk followed by a set of key-value pairs surrounded by braces:


Two keys are supported at present:
labels: Set this to "numeric," "alphabetic," or "shortalphabetic" to override the default label style for the current bibliography.
prefix: The value of this key will be prepended to each of the labels in the current bibliography.
Note: Neither of these can be used with the author-year option.
For example, if you are using numeric labels, then


will cause the items to be labeled "A1," "A2," etc.

I notice that you're also using the optional argument \normalsize in your MCVE. Here's what the documentation has to say about that:

If you want to use both types of optional arguments, the key-value pairs come second:


I also notice that you're using the optional argument \setcounter{bib}{2} for your supplementary bibliography so that the numbering continues from where you left off. Rather than doing this by hand, there is a simpler option as mentioned in the documentation:

Each biblist environment resets the bib counter so that its items are numbered starting from 1. If you want the numbering to start where the last biblist left off, use the biblist* environment instead.

I also notice that you're using \section{References} before the first set of references in \begin{biblist} ... \end{biblist} and \section{More References} before the second set. Instead, consider wrapping the biblist environment between \begin{bibdiv} and end{bibdiv}. This will print References for you as a section title (but without any numbering, which is to be preferred).

To change the words that are printed, you can redefine the command \refname; for instance, you can add \renewcommand{\refname}{More References} before wrapping the second set of references within the bibdiv environment. See Section 4 Section titles for bibliographies: bibdiv, bibsection, bibchapter of the package documentation for more details.

  • Thanks! That is very helpful.
    – Tyrone
    Commented Jun 16, 2021 at 13:37
  • @Tyrone Happy to have helped :) Regarding your question in the comment under the question, I am fairly sure that the answer is, no, it is not possible to have both, [author-year] as well as [numerical] citations, in the same document. For instance, as mentioned in the first quote in my answer, the documentation says that the key-value option *label={numeric} cannot be used with the author-year option. Commented Jul 4, 2021 at 9:42
  • 1
    Thanks for the explanation. I am used to be spoilt with Natbib where I can call \citep or \citet and get what I want. With the more and more journals forcing content into supplementary materials, I hope some computer-savvy LaTeX fan will build a solution.
    – Tyrone
    Commented Jul 5, 2021 at 16:13

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