How can I represent this matrix in latex ? enter image description here

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    Just as any other matrix with \begin{bmatrix} ... \end{bmatrix}. For the braces this might be helpful: tex.stackexchange.com/questions/130798/braces-over-matrix – Henri Menke Mar 14 '17 at 10:03
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    You'll get better help if you explain what you have got so far, and what specifically you are trying to achieve. – Seamus Mar 14 '17 at 10:29
  • Do you need the matrix for fixed n and k or do you need exactly what is shown on your drawing? – Fabian Pijcke Mar 15 '17 at 16:43

You might find this useful. As for adding a big 0, you can overlay with \smash and \rlap (or use a tikzpicture).


%from page 117 of symbols.pdf

0 & \cdots & 1\\
\vdots & \revddots & \vdots\\
1 & \cdots & 0


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