I am trying do define a macro that automatically links to a paragraph in the Java Language Specifications. But for some reason, it is not working.

I want to call the command with a paragraph number, e.g. \pg{6.6}, and it should display as §6.6 which links to the correct JLS entry (in this case this link http://docs.oracle.com/javase/specs/jls/se8/html/jls-6.html#jls-6.6).

This is what I have so far:

\newcommand{\pg}[1]{\href{http://docs.oracle.com/javase/specs/jls/se8/html/jls-6.html\# jls-{#1}}{§#1}}

But this code causes a problem with the link. It is not working correctly. When I hover over the text, it indicates a link, but clicking won't do anything.

Another problem is that this command would only work for paragraphs in chapter 6, because of the chapter declaration in the link. Is there a way around this?

EDIT: This my current solution which is based on Davids Solution and uses the xstring package:


It has the advantage that it works with paragraphs like and does not need more than one argument. I can just use it like this: \pg{}

  • you were nearly there but you put a space and a spurious {} into the URL your URL ended html# jls-{6.1} not html#jls-6.1 – David Carlisle Mar 14 '17 at 14:18
  • For me using evince and firefox the link works. – Skillmon likes topanswers.xyz Mar 14 '17 at 14:19

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